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Zambia Safari Travel Guide and Itinerary covering Lusaka, Livingstone with Victoria Falls, Lower Zambezi National Park, South Luangwa National Park, Kafue National Park and Busanga Plains

Until today we have been fortunate enough to travel to over 50 countries, but we actually don’t want to become people who count countries as a sport or the only purpose of their travels. Whenever we visit a new destination we feel like we’re opening a new world rather then crossing something off our list.

The travel guides you find on this blog reflect our interests in nature, wildlife conservation, photography as well as female empowerment and are written from a personal viewpoint of our editors.

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Continent overview

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List of countries per continent


As travellers who are based in Europe, we have visited quite a few European destinations, as they are easy for us to access and travel. We live in Austria and therefore you’ll find many Austria guides in this category, alongside travel guides to parts of Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden and many more. And yet there’s still many white dots on our Europe map (and we visited many countries before this blog – hence don’t have photos and reports from those trips).

Countries visited: 23/44


As Europeans our first very typical touchpoints with the African continent were visits of Northern African countries like Egypt and Morocco (before we even launched this blog). But after our first subsaharan trip to Namibia in 2018 we discovered our passion for safaris and have since been back to Southern and Eastern Africa multiple times and plan on returning more and more.

Countries visited: 11/54

North & South America

This category summarises our trips to North, Central and South America and covers destinations from Alaska and Aruba to Mexico. We’ve also been to Argentina and Ecuador (as well as the incredible Galápagos Islands), but haven’t had a chance to write about these destinations. So stay tuned!

Countries visited: 8/35


Our first trip to the Asian continent brought us to Turkey in 2002 and then to Thailand and Indonesia in 2004 (but that was way before this blog existed). Since then we’ve returned multiple times, but there’s still a long list of places we want to see and experience.

Countries visited: 13/48

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Where we haven’t been (yet)

There’s still two continents left untouched by us – Australia and Antarctica. Since we’re not into traveling for checking off lists or continents it might still take us a while to set foot on these, as they’re both quite hard for us to reach from our Central European base in Austria. But you never know when the time will come, right?

Also there’s countries we have visited, but not written about for various reasons. Either we were there before we owned proper cameras (like Argentina in 2003) or where we travel privately (like Florida, where we’ve been over 30 times already). Some posts are still in the pipeline, like the one covering our round trip in Rajasthan, India or about our time in Ecuador and on the Galápagos Islands. So stay tuned!

Newest destinations & experiences

If you’re only here for the most newsworthy of stories, you can check out the last three trips we’ve done in the past weeks:

What’s on our bucket list

And even if we don’t count countries, we do have an extensive bucket list, which is more experience based rather than location based. Yet, some of these experiences are obviously tied to very specific locations and cannot be done anywhere else.  This list is ever growing and with each trip we add something new to this wish list:

  • Experience the wide plains of the Maassai Mara in Kenya ✔️
  • Go on a hot air balloon safari ✔️
  • See rare tree-climbing lions ✔️
  • Find the coalition of 5 cheetah brothers in Kenya  ✔️
  • Book a gorilla trekking experience in the mountains of Ruanda or Uganda
  • See Alpacas in the wild in Peru or Chile
  • Witness the second-largest wildebeest migration in the Liuwa Plains in Zambia
  • Visit the untouched North Luangwa National Park in Zambia
  • Witness the colors of Rajasthan in India ✔️
  • See the Arabian Oryx in Dubai ✔️
  • Ride vintage safari vehicles in UAE / Dubai ✔️
  • Spend time in a jeep watching leopards in the wild ✔️
  • Sleep in a salt pan under the Milky Way ✔️
  • Track snow leopards in the Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan
  • Harvest Lotus Roots in Vietnam
  • Witness the Northern Lights ✔️
  • Learn how to dive in crystal clear water of the Maldives ✔️
  • Go on a Nile river cruise and see the pyramids
  • Witness the Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai
  • Cruise on an expedition ship to Antarctica
  • Snorkel with a turtle on the Galapagos islands ✔️
  • Ride a hot air balloon over the desert ✔️
  • See penguins in South Africa
  • Ride a Mokoro on the Okavango in the rainy season
  • Sleep out in the open on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pan ✔️
  • Revisit the Makgadikgadi Salt Pan in the rainy season to find flamingos
  • Wade through the pink salt lakes in Iran
  • Swim in the Indian Ocean ✔️
  • Visit the remote Thaa Atoll in the Maldives ✔️
  • Spend time in Chad’s iconic National Parks like Ennedi and Zakouma
  • Marvel in the spray of the Victoria Falls from both sides – Zambia and Zimbabwe ✔️

What’s on your bucket list?